The 3 Most Important Features of Any Residential Solar Power System

You’ve likely done a lot of research if you are a homeowner thinking about adding a solar power generator to your home.

There are many things you need to know about solar power systems. Which ones should be avoided and which types of hardware may work best for your needs. We thought it would be helpful to get some advice from experts in the field, Urban Solar.

We have learned a lot over the years in providing high-quality, reliable services for Florida homeowners. We know as much as how to commission a residential solar energy system.

In this blog post, we will be listing the top three features of any residential solar energy system.

Feature #1: Durability

Florida’s weather isn’t always sunny and mild. For structures with exposed electronics such as solar panels or mounting rails, wind can cause serious damage. Durability is crucial.

Many of our solar panels and mounting systems are – rated, which means they can withstand winds upto 175 miles an hour. This makes them stronger than some buildings.

Feature #2 – Unobtrusive and Attractive Appearance

It turns out that homeowners actually want homes that are beautiful. Who would have thought?

Manufacturers of solar panel and mounting systems know this and are producing hardware that is sleek and slim, no matter what style home they are placed on.

Feature #3: Solar Panel Efficiency

If olar panels didn’t produce reliable and consistent electricity, it wouldn’t be worth anything. A residential solar power system must not only be well-designed but also strong.

We use high-power PERC modules paired with appropriately rated inverters, junction boxes and other components that are guaranteed to work together. Solar Tech Elecs energy experts take time to make sure that each component works in harmony with the others during the design phase.

This article was written by a solar expert at Solar Tech Elec. Solar Tech Elec is a premier solar installer in Florida with expanded services in North Charleston, South Carolina. They work with homeowners to install solar panels in Clearwater FL and provide them with a way to save money on their energy bills, protect themselves against rising electricity prices and be part of the solution for clean renewable energy.

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