How to Choose The Right Duvet For Your Perfect Night’s Sleep

How to Choose The Right Duvet For Your Perfect Night's Sleep

Although it may see straightforward to get it right with a bed duvet, it’s not as easy as simply plumping for one you like the look of the most. Sure, looks come into it but if you want to find the perfect luxury duvet that best suits your entire needs, then have a look at a few pointers we have provided. What’s your favourite fill? When looking at fill options you need to think about your most basic of needs. For instance, do you have an allergy? If so, then opting for a filling that is not goose or duck down or feather is often the preferred route. Available as a double duvet set, Dusk’s Our Feels like Down range is made for just that, filled with microfibre it is cosy, soft and anti-allergen to keep those irritations and reactions at bay while you sleep. You will also need to consider whether you want an extra soft, cuddly duvet like a goose down filling with some feathers for a little support. A combination of goose or duck down with feathers provides an ideal balance of softness and firmness, one of the most popular fills at Dusk. Give A Thought To Tog Rating Do you feel the cold easily through the night? If you do then you need to think about getting a filling that is warmer and thicker. A tog rating indicates the relative warmth of a duvet. If you require a warm duvet then you will need to look for a high tog rating when you are on the hunt for luxury duvet sets. If your body temperature is in tune with the seasons, then you may like to have a duvet for winter and one for the summer months. Another deciding factor in the tog/heat decision is the warmth of your home. If your house is on the cooler side then obviously, you need to think about increasing the tog rating of your duvet. An ideal tog rating for summer is around 4.5 and around nine tog for the winter. The Outer Material Of Your Duvet A cotton duvet is one of the most popular choices around when it comes to choosing the material for your bedding. Because cotton is a breathable material it has a great way of keeping cool in the warm summer months yet able to keep in heat during the winter, meaning it’s great for all seasons. It’s also easy to wash, can be tumbled dried, looks stylish and is strong and durable. Duvet Design Of course, last but not least, the design of your duvet. How your sheets will look on your bed is really important, whether it’s a king duvet set for a tired looking bedroom, single duvet for a guest bedroom or a crisp white duvet set for your newly refurbished double bedroom suite, it’s natural to want it to make the right visual impact. Neutral tones spark an immediate air of elegance and style, whether you have a busy wall paper pattern behind your bed or a plain painted wall. Putty, grey, silver and white work well together as borders on a pillow case or duvet or even as throws and cushion covers. So, if you are looking to smarten up your super king duvet or upgrade your king size duvet set, you can easily and affordably achieve this with the clever use of luxury cushions and throws.

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