WPC Door Frames – Eco-friendly Solutions For Greener Future

WPC Door Frames - Eco-friendly Solutions For Greener Future

If you are looking for the best quality WPC frames in Gurgaon, Parshadi Lal Gog Raj Jain is the household name you should always keep in mind. Here are some of the cool facts of WPC frames you should know- Multiuse

WPC frames are used to form attractive products like grills, windows, deco-panels, 3D deco-panels, door frames, window frames, solid doors, etc. With WPC frames, you can achieve different designs which are likely to be formed. It adds a lot of flexibility in design. You can find a lot of options to get appealing style to your office or home that you have always desired. The WPC boards are used for many applications, such as bathroom vanities, kitchen shutters, shoe racks, modular furniture, and more. You can easily find the grills in attractive designs and patterns along with 3D decorative panels and door frames. You can install these appealing products in your home. Best Alternative to Plywood Wood used in plywood is not capable to sustain water. So, it is better to pick WPC frames rather than plywood for the exteriors. Another beauty of WPC boards is that you can use it as flush doors in your bathroom. It is also safe to use in kitchen because it is 100% fire resistant and wash proof. WPC has been the first choice of many Indian customers because of its sturdiness and durability. Versatile It is a common misconception among the carpenters and common public that tools you are going to use on plywood are not suitable for WPC boards. On the other side, the truth is that WPC boards are very versatile and can work with all the tools you use like CNC, Hand Router, and Panel Saw that are workable on them. Screwing and nailing is supposed to be the timeless art which can be made possible and one can easily fix the boards on walls and floors. Durability WPC boards are supposed to have high density due to which they are strong and high on exterior and internal strength. Along with it, they can resist heat up to 89 deg. C. So, they can be the best product to use in both exteriors and interiors. Safe

WPC Boards are made without using harmful chemicals. So, they are not supposed to cause any health effect by using such products. This is the best part of these boards. So, there is no irritation to your eyes and skin when you install them in office or residential spaces. This is why, they are completely safe. Eco-friendly WPC boards have 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of wood polymer and rests are additives. Hence, they are not made of wood. So, it is a significant step towards greener future. Using 10 WPC frames can save at least one tree. So stop using wooden and plywood products to stop the harm caused to Mother Nature.

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