Marble And Granite to Enhance Your Home

Marble And Granite to Enhance Your Home

Natural stones are found everywhere. They can be mined from mountains and quarried from the ground. The inherent variance caused by Mother Nature makes sure that each and every piece of natural stone in the world is unique unto itself. This also makes stone a coveted material for interiors and decorating purposes. Apart from the fact they are highly durable and age well, natural stone are reminiscent of nature and a handy way of inserting the wild into any space. India has a variety of natural stones depending upon the geographical region. These include sandstone, marble, granite, limestone etc. These vary in colour, grain style and grade and can be acquired as per one’s budget as well as aesthetics. The most popular usage of natural stone is for cladding, as surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom on account of it being water proof and for shelving purposes. Stones can be customised to fit any size, thus reducing leftovers and saving up on expenditures.

Marble is an ideal stone to compliment classical interior styles. Granite is a common example of natural stone used for architectural and interior design purposes. It is an igneous rock and has been in use since as far back as Ancient Egypt. It comes in a variety of shades ranging from whites to pinks and browns, each with variation in designs. It can be used in any room of a house but is prominently featured in kitchens and bathrooms. The stone is highly durable and ages beautifully. Since it can withstand high amounts of wear and tear over the years, marble makes for an ideal material choice. Although marble countertops cost a bit higher than other stones, the investment is well worth it in terms of style as well as usage. A stone with similar visual properties as that of marble but a little bit cheaper and easier to maintain is granite. This stone is formed due to compressed grains of different minerals like quartz, feldspar etc. making it highly strong and durable. The stone is water proof and heat resistant making it the ideal choice for use in the kitchen and the bathroom. Kitchen granite worktops are a common sight in a household that warrants high wear and tear due to high usage. The advantage of this stone is that it requires low to nil maintenance. Aesthetically, granite fits in almost everywhere. The variation available in terms of looks, colours and grain patterns make it easy to adapt to any interior design style. White granite countertops for example are best suited in classical chic kitchens. On account of the white colour and granite’s shiny surface, most of the light that falls on it, natural and otherwise is reflected back into the space. This gives the kitchen a brighter tone and also makes it look larger in terms of space. Natural stone is therefore a popular material choice for homes in particular, especially since they require a more permanent choice of materials that age well along with requiring low maintenance.

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