Why Is Water Dripping From My AC Vent?

Why Is Water Dripping From My AC Vent?

Have you ever ever observed your air-con vent leaky water? one among the many foremost frequent AC concerns that folk have with their air-con models is discovering water dripping or streaking out from their ceiling AC vents. In case you uncover water getting back from your unit, do not feel afraid. There are a number of explanation why this may occasionally happen and most shall be mounted with right preventive AC upkeep. Listed here are most of the foremost frequent explanation why your ac vents are additionally leaky water. 1. Clogged Drain Line

The drain line in your air-con unit will turn into clogged over time with filth and junk, pushing the water heater into the pan. as soon as this pan turns into full, it’s going to overflow by way of the ac vents. as well as, improperly put in drain strains will usually turn into disconnected. this may occasionally trigger the water that is working by way of the drain line to spill over of the ac vents. Re-attaching the drain strains, moreover to having them clear completely, can cease water from leaky. 2. Low Refrigerant Cost In case your unit is low on refrigerant, it’s going to trigger your ac handler to freeze whereas working. as soon as the cooling shuts off, the ice can soften and result in your air vents leaky water. sadly, ceilings will turn into ruined and result in costly repairs if this draw back occurs too normally. Having the AC unit maintained correctly can assure your system ne’er runs low on refrigerant. 3. Soiled Air Filters

When the air cannot transfer freely by way of the filter due to filth and filth, it will result in its cooling. As soon as it melts, the water can drip from the ac vents, in all probability damaging ceilings and partitions as antecedently talked about. you will need to modification your ac filters as indicated on the filter to cease this from occurring. 4. Condensation due to Poor Insulation When warmth air comes into contact with cooler ac, condensation occurs and results in the formation of water. just like as soon as placing AN ice chilly drink on a desk and water kinds on the floor of the cup or glass, condensation will occur in your air-con unit too. as soon as ductwork is not correctly insulated, the air will turn into warmth earlier than going the vents, which may result in condensation and water run. In case you do not handle this draw back, the condensation will end in unsound woodwork, ruined drywall, and mould.

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