General Garden Care Tips For Every Season

General Garden Care Tips For Every Season

Garden care is a continuous process if you seek a lush green and healthy garden that is the pride of the neighbourhood. But every season is different in terms of what can or cannot be done in the garden during that time. In NSW, the gardening calendar can sometimes be a process of preparing the garden plants for the approaching season. As a home owner or enthusiastic gardener you need to be aware of some general garden care tips for every season. Garden Care for the Fall

Fall is the season where the trees shed their leaves in preparation for the oncoming winter. Basically, you need to tend to the plants in this season by getting rid of dead leaves, branches and any old growth. Check the plants for an indication of insect and pests or disease. These issues if caught on early will ensure the correct treatment to rid your garden of pests and disease. Add compost and mulch to improve the soil nutrition and get your garden ready to face the cold winter days. Winter Garden Care Tips In winter, there isn’t much to do. However, ensure that plants that need protection from the cold are moved indoors to a warm place. You can also cover them with a blanket to ensure they survive the winter. Outdoors, empty the water fountains and birdbaths. Cover the fountains, garden furniture and fixtures to protect them from breakage due to weather extremes. Spring Garden Care ‘Spring cleaning’ used in relation to your home applies to your garden as well. Firstly, check out the for any winter damage. Spring is a time for new growth and rejuvenation. You need to get rid of the old debris that has accumulated in your over the winter. Clear our the fallen leaves, twigs and other waste material to add it to the compost pile. Prune the trees and plants to clear them of dead wood and leaves. You may also want to trim the lawn grass and hedges to get them back in shape. New planting may also be done in Lawn Mowing Franchise Sydney.

Garden Care Tips for Summer The most important care tip for summer is to water the plants and the lawn adequately. It is getting hot and humid and your plants need extra water to beat the Australian summer heat. Summer is also the time to prepare the beds by tilling the soil and adding nutrient rich compost. It is a good idea to install rain barrels in your to collect rainwater run-off. Contact Fox Mowing NSW at if you need Clean Ups Warners Bay or any advice on gardening. Fox Mowing NSW also takes up lawn care and maintenance, care, fertilising, disease control, weed control, hedge maintenance, landscaping and other odd jobs around the yard.

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