Is a Metal Roof Hard to Install?

Whether re-roofing or building a home, you’ll want to consider proven materials, such as metal roofing. Likewise, you must consider hiring a professional to install it instead of doing it yourself. We will explain the benefits of a metal roof, the installation process, and other points you should know to make an informed choice to hire a reliable metal roof installer near you.

Why Should I Hire Metal Roof Installers Near Me?

With a metal roof, you get a durable material that can withstand strong winds and impact damage. Given its durability, you can expect it to last anywhere from forty to seventy years with proper installation and maintenance.

Metal is energy efficient as it reflects heat to reduce your cooling costs by nearly 25 percent. It is also resistant to insects and fire.  If you are environmentally conscious, you may appreciate that some metal roofs are made from 25 to 95 percent recycled materials. Once metal reaches the end of their life, they can even be recycled.

However, you can only enjoy those benefits with professional metal roofing installation. Avoiding DIY installation is best to save time and money, reduce the need for repairs, avoid costly mistakes, and prevent unwanted future safety issues and accidents. It’s hard to install a metal roof without the requisite experience, the proper tools and knowledge of the job.

Why Hire Recommended Roofers Near Me And Avoid DIY Installation?

There are four reasons why you should steer clear of DIY metal roof installation:

  1. It can be costly

Metal roofs are complex materials as they are composed of several components. Besides the metal roof, you need to consider the other parts, like the underlayments, linear pieces, sealants, rake edge, drip edge or starter, sidewall and head, ridge and hip caps, skylight flashings, chimney, base, valleys, and so on.

Did those terms confuse you? That’s your cue to leave the installation to an expert. DIY work may cause you to miss one or more critical components. Improper installation will result in metal roofing that won’t be as durable and weather-resistant as professionally installed ones, resulting in drastically reduced lifespan and performance. You will have to pay more for repairs and undue replacements sooner.

  1. Roofing work is dangerous

Roof installation has its dangers, even for experienced roofing contractors. You’re more at risk if you lack experience and the proper safety gear. Metal roof installation appears straightforward, but the roof isn’t exactly a safe place. If you’re worried about accidents, reputable metal roof installers are insured to protect you from unnecessary costs to cover their treatment and healthcare should an incident occur while they’re working for you.

  1. You could choose the wrong type of metal

Metal roofing is a general term that could refer to several metal types, such as zinc, aluminum, copper, and steel. You also have to consider the different fastening methods available. Only professional installers know how to navigate the options and help you pick the best roof that can ensure the best performance.

You could save more money by choosing the right roof in the best material with help from a professional. Reputable metal roof installers can give you more information about each material. For instance, they may recommend tin roofing if you want something affordable or copper if you’re willing to splurge on an aesthetically pleasing roof that can withstand fire and extreme weather. Aluminum roofing may need to be repainting in future but is fantastic as it is lightweight and rustproof. Steel roofing may be costly but can be a superb investment, and zinc roofs may be a good choice if you’re looking for a recyclable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting material.

  1. Metal roof installation is a specialized work requiring expertise

Installing a roof requires a specific skill level that only a seasoned metal roofer has. Your new roof needs a vast range of specialized tools that suit its style, base metal, and fastening system. Metal roofing installation requires tools like a chalk line, knee pads, a screw gun, claw hammer, sealants and patches, a power drill, safety glasses, utility knife, tin snips, and a stapler. You will also need a roofing harness, roof jacks, and the locking sheet metal tool. You’ll need materials such as roofing felt and nails, interlocking metal roofing accessories and panels, and an ice and water shield.

You can’t simply buy most of those tools anywhere and instantly. Moreover, since most of them are specialized, they require someone trained and experienced to use them. That’s why it’s best to hire metal roofing installers or contractors.

  1. Metal roofing installation is not as easy as you think

One of the challenges in installing metal roofing is cutting the sheet panels. The task requires precision and accuracy to ensure proper installation. If you cut them too short, the rough edges are more at risk of rusting faster when exposed to the elements. Without adequate protection, the metal roof can be prone to coating failure and result in weather damage, water leaks, and infestations by insects and critters.

Another challenge in metal roofing installation is finding the exact measurements. You have to be precise with the length and slope, so you’ll have to measure at least twice to be sure. That way, you can get the exact panel size for the job.

You won’t have to worry about the guesswork and the grunt work when you leave them to professional metal roof installers. These pros will also consider other features of your roof, such as the skylights, chimneys, and curbs. They will measure those extra features and include them in the installation plan before they begin.

Licensed roofing installers make effort that no leaks or water damage happens under the panels and inside the walls by fastenening roof clips rightly. Inexperienced and DIY installers may over-tighten or under-tighten the fasteners, causing them to be off-center.

Is It Worth My Time And Money To Hire Metal Roof Installers Near Me?

Yes, it is! Reputable and experienced metal roof installers will ensure you can enjoy your new metal roof for many decades, with minimal maintenance in between. You may be able to meet contractors who can take care of maintenance down the line, too.

One of the vital things to know about metal roofing is its longevity can depend on the quality of its installation. If you’ve invested in a high-quality metal roof, you’ll want to hire capable installers with the experience, tools, and capability to install it. Even if you have the most durable metal roof from a well-known brand, it won’t last long if it is not installed rightly.

Why Should I Hire Recommended Roofers Near Me?

It’s advisable to hire roofing contractors that are geographically close to you to save time and complete the project faster. They won’t have to travel far to reach your place and start working. Moreover, they likely know the necessary permits for the project, including the rules and regulations to get the job done legally.

Metal roof installation could take a couple of days to more than a week, depending on the size of the roof and the weather. Seasoned installers know how to work around weather conditions and other obstacles that could potentially prevent them from completing the job sooner.

What Else Can I Expect From Metal Roof Installers Near Me?

Experienced metal roof installers will take enough time to plan the job before they start working. They understand that installing a metal roof has a different process; than installing other materials, such as asphalt shingles. So, they will detail a custom and complete plan from start to finish to ensure a smooth installation process that will guarantee a durable and long-lasting roof.

Do You Have Any Tips About Finding Recommended Roofers Near Me?

Use a reliable and trustworthy contractor referral service to connect with qualified local roofers. This is a great option to find genuine and trusted competent contractors. Moreover, it helps you get free estimates for comparison and helps you determine the best contractor for your project. Make sure that the contractor referral service personally knows each of the contractors they refer and the type of work they specialize in, so it can effectively match you with the best professionals for your project.

How Do I Choose Metal Roof Installers Near Me?

Consider getting estimates from up to four metal roofing contractors in your area and verify that they are geographically close to you. The best contractors can provide the most competitive price for metal roofing installation while ensuring availability to do and complete your project within a reasonable time frame.

Metal roofing can be an excellent choice for its many benefits. Just hire professional installers for the job, so you won’t have to deal with the challenges and difficulties associated with its installation. The best metal roof installers are those who can fulfill your needs in terms of value, quality, and price. Think of hiring the right contractors as an investment that will be worth your time and money in the long run, as they can ensure proper installation and a long-lasting roof over your head.

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